About the Challenge

We invite you to share an idea for a competition that would challenge the world to solve an issue that's important to the fields of science, exploration, or conservation. If we choose your idea, you'll be awarded a $10,000 prize, and your idea could be turned into a full competition. We're not looking for a solution to a problem. We're looking for ideas for a competition that would challenge the world to solve the problem.

Getting Started

The application guidelines will help you frame your idea for a challenge. Think about what measures of success would produce the greatest impact. Would your target problem motivate a wide range of applicants to contribute time and effort to producing a solution? Would your competition change public perceptions and create follow-on investment? These are the kinds of considerations you'll find in the application guidelines.

Timeline: Register and Apply

To compete, you must register by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. Only registrants can apply, and all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

You can see a more comprehensive timeline and learn about the judging process and credentials of the judges here.

Reviewing Submissions

Two categories of judges were carefully selected to ensure a rigorous review of your application. We encourage you to read their credentials.

Evaluation Panel

This first category of judges, the Evaluation Panel, will produce a rank order of applicants by using a common scoring process. Each applicant will be assigned five Evaluation Panel members, and their scores will be statistically normalized to ensure fairness. Their scores will determine the rank order of applications.

Selection Committee

The second and final category of judges, the Selection Committee, will determine the winner. Before the winner is announced, every registrant who completed the application will receive scores and comments designed to provide productive feedback and encourage discussion for those who may have interest in finding other means for launching their proposals. This process helps ensure a value-added experience for all participants.


The judges are impartial to the ideas you submit. They are scoring your idea based on the degree of impact and the structure of your proposed challenge. For a more detailed explanation of the scoring process, please see the trait scoring rubric.

So, What's Your Idea?

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